Important Information

Guidelines for consigned items

  • We accept ladies', men's & children's clothing, shoes, & accessories.
  • Items must be in excellent condition. New or like-new is preferred.
  • Brand name items are preferred.
  • Sizing tags must be attached & legible, or the item will be donated.

Guidelines for seasonal apparel

  • Spring/Summer are accepted March-July.  examples: tanks, cold shoulder tops, sleeveless dresses, skirts, shorts, capris, swimwear, sandals
  • Fall/Winter are accepted September-January.  examples: jackets, sweaters, hoodies, long sleeve dresses, boots, scarves
  • 4 Season items are accepted year-round.  examples: t-shirts, maxi skirts, purses, jewelry, jeans
  • February and August are DONATION ONLY months.  Consignments will not be accepted as we are attempting to clear out for season change.

Note: Items brought in during the incorrect season will be considered a donation to the Jackson County Animal Protection Society (JCAPS) fundraising account.

Consignment details

  • The consignment split is 60% Boutique and 40% Consigner for a period of 75 days. 
  • Consignors are allowed to consign up to 20 items every 40 days. 
  • Drop-off at your convenience.
  • Items must be contained in a bag, box or tote that can be easily labeled with your consignment drop-off slip. 
  • An item count & brief list of items included in your drop-off is helpful for quick drop-off & processing.
  • The boutique owner retains the right to use discretion in pricing and discounting items. 

As a policy, we do not return items to consigners in the event that an item doesn’t sell.  We will do our best to accommodate, when possible, on items priced above $50. The ownership of any unsold items will be transferred to the boutique owner 75 days after the process date

Consignment proceeds are available by store credit immediately upon sale of items.  Your account balance can be conveniently found in the consignor login tab!  Checks can be issued when your account balance exceeds $75, however, a $5 check fee will apply when checks are issued.  We've established this policy as an incentive to use your earnings as store credit or donate them to charitable causes, like Jackson County Animal Protection Society.

Be mindful that our store is operated by one person; we can’t guarantee your items will be reviewed immediately.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing and tagging. 

For questions or concerns, message via Facebook or call 507-849-7330.

Consignor responsibilies

  1. Sift through your items in advance. Include only the items that meet these quality standards: no evident wear & tear, holes, stains, fade, snags, broken zippers, missing buttons, tarnish, tangles, etc.  We have limited space to store unwanted item.  
  2. Apparel must be freshly laundered: free of debris, pet hair & unpleasant odors.  Items will be donated if deemed unsuitable for the consignment floor. 
  3. All containers must be labeled with your first and last name or consignor number.  A brief description/count of items in your container is helpful for check-in.
  4. Notify us of address or information changes. This ensure checks, emails & calls are sent to the correct location.
  5. Mark your calendars if you intend to collect unsold items before the ownership transfer date (75 days).   It is your responsibility to remember to retrieve your items, reminders will not be given.
  6. Share our Facebook posts!  Your items have more chances of selling if they are actually being seen.  Word of mouth & social media are the best form of advertising.

Kind Reminder of our Mission

While we are kindly providing a service to the community, offering consignment. We do want to remind consignors of our goals with operating this business.

We are on a mission to establish an animal shelter facility, rescue homeless & abandoned pets. If willing & able, consignors are encouraged to donate proceeds to the 501c3 non-profit, Jackson County Animal Protection Society.

Donations towards the JCAPS fundraising account are greatly appreciated. As we have limited space, please follow consignment guidelines when donating items.