Mission & Goals

Alisha and John Weland purchased the boutique in July of 2022.  The consignment boutique was originally established in 2015.  It is a privately owned consignment business within Jackson, MN.  As a consignment shop partnered with a non-profit organization (JCAPS), when you make a purchase at this boutique, you are giving back to your local community.

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What is Consignment?

Consignment means our store sells items previously owned by community members.  When we sell an item, the consignor receives a portion of the final selling price.  This means we are not a thrift store, but a store helping members in the community recycle items they no longer need or love.  

In order to be successful, we have to be selective on the items we accept.  We evaluate each piece for quality and price accordingly.  Many different factors go into the process.  We have guidelines in place in order to give our consignors the best payout possible and our shoppers the best selection possible. 

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  • A Pet's Tale

    This pet supply shop was established in August of 2021 as a means of fundraising for an animal shelter.  This shop is completely JCAPS volunteer established & maintained. It has a separate website and checkout even though it's located inside Kind Closet. 

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    JCAPS adoptable cats are often featured in the front window display as a means of meeting potential families.  This occurs most Saturday's and occasionally throughout the week during special event days.  Please watch our Facebook page for announcements.

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